This weekend is a special sale in midtown- off Pine Valley.

2318 Durwood Road, Little Rock, AR. 72207

Friday,       Aug 18    9-3

Saturday,  Aug 19     9-3    20% off

Sunday,    Aug 20    10-3   50% off 

​This is an incredible collection of a couple of estates that weren't allowed to have a sale at their location. (penthouse apartment & condo)  We have brought the items here for your opportunity to buy some unique merchandise!  Nothing has been brought in from previous sales, it's all great stuff that you haven't shopped before, just not in it's original setting.  This is another way we can "ReHome" things with much life left!  

A few highlights are a queen size bed with Asian headboard like you've never seen, authentic Asian tables, lamps, kimonos, decor, and art.  Pottery Barn twin storage beds, traditional furniture, TONS of iron furniture and decor for outside, books, albums, holiday, clothing and JEWELRY!

Everything is priced to sell quickly, so don't wait!  On Sunday, we will be 50% off everything and push to 75% off after 1pm.  Come see us and make an offer!